Capital Cursive I

Let’s dive into learning the capital cursive I – a simple yet stylish letter that will elevate your cursive writing skills!

The capital cursive I is pretty straightforward. It’s just one vertical line with a little curve at the top. But getting that curve just right takes some practice.

How to write Capital Cursive I?

  1. Start at the top line and make a small curve towards the right.
  2. From that curve, draw a straight vertical line down to the bottom line.
  3. That’s it! The curve at the top gives this uppercase I some cursive flair.

Download the Capital Cursive I Practice Worksheet

Practice Makes Perfect: Don’t worry if your capital I looks a bit wonky at first. Consistent practice is key for cursive writing. Use the included practice worksheet to trace the sample uppercase I’s. Then, move on to writing them on your own. Repeat this process until you get that signature cursive curve down pat!

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